New Teen D&D Opportunities at RPL

Teen DnD There’s a new Dungeons and Dragons adventure waiting for teens at Rodman Public Library.

Teens, 12-18, can sign up to participate in an ongoing series of “one-shot” Dungeons and  Dragons missions every month based on the Candlekeep Mysteries sourcebook. Players do not have to play consistently each month to participate and “advance” their character through the campaign. Each “mission” will be a standalone adventure where characters can earn items and currency to be used to “buy” items in game, but the adventures will not crossover other than stemming from the same location of the Candlekeep Library.

Those interested can sign up via our online calendar on a month-to-month basis. Space will be limited each month to six players. A DnD Beyond account and email address is required to play. Before the day of the program, participants will receive a link to the campaign on DnD Beyond via email in order to add their character to the campaign page so the Dungeon Master can review the character beforehand. The Dungeon Master will also inform the participants what is needed for their character sheet within the parameters of the adventure (level, items, etc.).

The first session will be held Monday, September 12 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Main Library.

Consecutive sessions will be held on the second Monday of the month from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. unless otherwise indicated on our online calendar. September’s adventure will feature players on a quest to find a missing sage.

For more information, contact the Reference Department at 330-821-2665 ext. 217.